Aesthetics Services

Aesthetics Services in Morgantown, WV

Bella Hair in Morgantown offers premium quality aesthetics services. We have an in-house licensed esthetician with over six years of experience, as well as a professional makeup artist available to help keep your skin and body beautiful and healthy. Our professionals are at the top of their fields, and proactively keep up-to-date with the latest beauty trends and techniques to keep our clients on-point by attending ongoing classes and seminars throughout the year.

Busy women throughout Morgantown rely on Bella Hair to learn all the best secrets to keep them ready for weddings, special events, and daily life. Let us work our magic so you can look and feel your very best!

Dry, Oily, or Aging Skin? Dark Spots or Acne? Facials for Every Skin Type

Is your skin overly dry or oily? Are the effects of time and environmental pollution aging your skin? Do you see dark spots or acne lesions that do not seem to be improving? If so, consider a professional facial. Whether you want a professional classic treatment, lift, hydration, exfoliation, or a highly effective solution to address a specific condition, trust our skills to cleanse, tone, and protect your face and neck in accordance with your needs. This relaxing process utilizes proven massage strokes, pressures, and techniques, as well as the highest quality products, to rejuvenate the skin, promote blood flow and lymphatic drainage, and relieve stress for optimal health.

Full Body Waxing

Waxing is the ideal method for controlling body hair. Consider scheduling a full body waxing for a sleek body that feels incredibly smooth! A range of additional benefits include:

  • Regrowth is Finer and Slower
  • No Risk of Nicks and Scarring
  • Long-Lasting
  • Removal of Dead Skin Cells
  • No Stubbles or Itchiness

Certified Eyelash Extension Technician

Our certified eyelash extension technician professionally applies eyelash extensions. Lash extensions offer you the opportunity to enjoy lush, long, dark lashes without the extremely time consuming hassle of applying lashes every day. Lash extensions should only be applied by an experienced technician. We have the extensive experience required to safely apply your lashes for a very natural enhanced look or a dramatic impression for special occasions.

Eyelash Lifts for Eyes Everyone will Envy

If you are not ready to have lash extensions applied, or would like to enhance your own natural lashes, consider a professional lash lift for a low-maintenance look that lasts. We offer this process which corrects short, straight lashes that fall down over the eyes by setting a realistic semi-permanent curl and a nice lift to the lashes. An eye-safe solution is applied to set the lashes (similar to the process used to perm the hair). Be the envy of everyone you meet.

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