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Eyelash Services

Bella Hair – Morgantown, WV

Professional Lash Solutions

Bella Hair offers a variety of professional eyelash services. We carefully tailor each lash application and procedure to meet your unique needs. Whether you prefer a discrete, natural-looking enhancement or a more dramatic and glamorous transformation, you will find the expertise you need at our salon in Morgantown. Contact our lash stylist to get the look you want today. To schedule, call:(304) 599-2088.

Bella Lash Extensions

Beautiful Custom Designed Lashes

A full set of lash extensions offers a luxurious, glamorous look. This is our most popular, fully customizable lash service. Lash extensions can be tailored exactly to your individual needs and style preferences. Our stylist will consult with you to go over your options in premium synthetic mink including lash length, thickness, volume, color, material, curl size, and other preferences. With Bella Lash Extensions, you can get the exact look you want with no compromises.

Classic Lashes

Available thin to lusciously thick to extend the length of existing eyelashes

Volume Lashes

Lighter, fluffier lashes provide a fuller look for sparse eyelashes

Lash Extension Styles & Types

Natural – Cat Eye – Dramatic

Classic/Natural Lashes

Styles .15+

Volume, Mega Volume, and Rapid Volume Lashes

Styles up to .12

Colored Lashes

Volume Blend w/ Mixed Lengths

Hybrid Lash Extensions

Lash Extension Application Process

Lash extensions are applied to your natural lashes with a non-damaging, semi-permanent glue. The application process is comfortable and involves you laying down with your eyes closed as each lash extension is carefully applied with precision to each lash for a nearly flawless, undetectable look. Each application lasts approximately 6 weeks with proper maintenance and care.

Bella Hair is an authorized Bella Lash product and service provider. We offer application by our certified professional eyelash technician.

Lash Fill

Touch-Up Lash Extensions

If you previously had lash extensions applied, a lash fill service every 6 weeks can help you keep your lashes looking full and beautiful. This touch-up service involves removing any damaged or overgrown extensions. We then apply fresh extensions lash by lash to select new growth. Any obvious gaps in the lash line from shed lashes can also be filled in at this time. Enjoy rejuvenated, lush lashes without the time commitment of a full lash extension service. This service is recommended every 4-6 weeks, depending on your personal needs and preferences.

Lash Lift / Lash Perm

Maintenance-Free Natural Lash Enhancement

Lash lifts are designed to maximize the look of your natural lashes with minimal maintenance. While no additional volume is provided, you can enjoy the illusion of longer lash length and a wider, more open eye. A special solution is applied to straighten the lashes and enhance their appearance from base to tip. We then set a semi-permanent, realistic-looking curl. This process lifts flat, downward-angled eyelashes upward and outward so they stand out beautifully without the hassle of daily curling and mascara application. Each service lasts approximately 4 to 6 weeks with proper care.


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